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Holistic Financial Planning

A financial plan is a customized blueprint that guides you towards meeting your financial and life goals. Your personal plan starts off with the building blocks - a detailed analysis of your current financial position, including your net worth and cash flow summary - and provides you with the tools necessary to take control of your financial future. NAFS helps you clarify and quantify your goals and formulates strategies to put them within your reach.

Our holistic approach to financial planning offers a comprehensive review of your entire financial situation.  Since each of the components are integrated and depend on each other, we view this big-picture approach as necessary to do our full due dilligence.

Components of a Financial Plan:

Cash Flow and Debt Management
Are you living within your means?  Do you have a good handle on your debt?  Is the cost of servicing your debt too high, given the current interest rate environment?  We start out by reviewing where your cash comes from and where it goes and helping you gain insight as to how to best structure assets and liabilities to meet your short- and long-term goals.

Retirement Planning
Will you be able to retire comfortably?  How long will your assets last during retirement?  Will you need to work part-time during retirement?  A retirement analysis answers these questions and more. For retirees or pre-retirees, we can determine the most efficient method of receiving retirement plan distributions.

Income Tax Planning
We can develop strategies to help you minimize potential income tax and capital gain liabilities. Additionally, we can prepare or review your income tax returns, estimated tax projections and other IRS worksheets.

Insurance Planning (Risk Management)
Are you and your family sufficiently protected in the event of a catastrophe? Is your current insurance the most cost effective? We can provide the answers to those questions and also recommend suitable products for your needs.  While we do not sell any insurance products, we can refer you to a trusted colleague who can.

Estate Planning
We can propose an estate plan that transfers assets according to your wishes while potentially reducing estate taxes. Additionally, we can work with your attorney to ensure that the legal documents are properly executed.  If you do not have an attorney, we can refer you to one of our experienced colleagues.

Investment Planning
Are your investments suitable, given your risk tolerance, tax status, time horizon, investment objectives and financial planning goals? We can review your current portfolio and indicate which investments make sense.  We can also point you in the right direction of how to allocate your assets and what to look for when selecting securities.
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