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Non-traditional Couples and Families
You and your partner have been in a committed relationship for as long as many married heterosexual couples. Only married hetersexual couples are offered legal and financial protection under U.S. laws and rules. Married couples can file joint tax returns and freely exchange assets; non-married couples (both same-sex and opposite sex couples) don't have such luxuries.

Married same-sex couples have the unique dilemma of having their marriage recognized only by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and a handful of other states but not by the Federal government.  This can pose potential discrepancies in terms of tax reporting, retirement planning, and estate planning.

Whether you are married, partnered, or single, it is important for you to understand the impact that your financial decisions have on your overall plan.

Socially Responsible/Sustainable/Impact Investing
We understand that socially responsible investing means different things to different people. We can work with you to determine how to best align your values with your investments.

Divorce Planning
Are you in the midst of filing for divorce? As part of your team of advisors, we can work with you and your attorney to determine your cash flow needs and analyze the tax implications of choosing certain assets.

Education Planning
Are you overwhelmed by the rising cost of a college education? Are you able to make sense of the plethora of available tax-advantaged college savings plans?  Do you have an idea of how you will finance your child's education? Let us help answer these questions.
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