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Income tax preparation is one of the most dreaded tasks most taxpayers face. Changes in the tax code have made this process daunting and overly complicated. In fact, according to the IRS, it takes the average taxpayer over 21 hours to prepare and file their taxes.
We’re here to help. We view tax preparation and planning as an integral component of holistic financial planning. After all, nothing escapes the tax return. 
When making any financial decision, it is best to view it in context of the impact it has on your taxes and, consequently, your overall net wealth. We have seen other advisors recommend investment strategies that were supposed to be tax-efficient; however, they neglected to take into account the increased complexity and cost of the tax preparation due to this new investment, which effectively cancelled out any potential increase in yield.  Our big-picture focus gives us the advantage of helping you make smarter decisions.
Our tax preparation services can save you time and money. Not only do we prepare your taxes, but we also make recommendations as to ways to minimize your potential tax liability. We have been preparing income taxes for over twenty years and are registered with the Internal Revenue Service.
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